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How to Mount and Frame Fine Art Photography

By David Dilworth

(with thanks to Alice Gill and Jeffrey Becom)


To display and preserve fine art photographs over many decades they need to be mounted and framed adequately. I recommend :


  1. Mount: Use Dry-Mount on "gatorboard" or aluminum sheet called "dibond" considered the most rigid and flattest mount. In humid (coastal) areas, even museum quality matt or foam board can warp rapidly. An alternative is to use a hanging mount - with the photograph just taped to the back of the matt with acid free mounting tape.

  3. Matt (acid free of course) with one-half inch border around photograph for 12" by 18" print.
  4. For 20" by 30" print use 1" border.


  5. Cover Matt is double thick and beveled.
  6. For 12" by 18" print use 3" to 4" breadth.

    For 20" by 30" print use 4" to 5" breadth.

    For 4 foot by 6 foot print use 5" to 6" breadth.

    For 8 foot by 12 foot print use 8" to 10" breadth.


  7. Black Frame (my preference is luster - not shiny) at least one inch deep.

  9. On prints larger than 8 by 10 inches glass can break easily. I suggest break resistant crystal Acrylic, with UV (ultraviolet) protection. Use of non-glare is a personal aesthetic choice.

  11. Secure print in frame with cardboard sheets - not metal clips which can dent print or rust.

  13. Enjoy.


For decades...

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